20 LEDs 0 To 20V Bar-Graph Voltage Meter Using LM3914


0 – 20V LED Voltmeter project displays the voltage of the source using 20 LED’s.  This project is based on the famous LM3914 IC from National Semiconductor.

Power Supply Input: 5 VDC Max @ 30 mA in DOT mode and 300 mA in BAR mode



  •     Output: 20 LED’s
  •     Range selectable with onboard preset
  •     2 Types of display Bar and Dot selectable by a jumper
  •     Berg connector for connecting power & voltage in
  •     Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •     PCB dimensions 40 mm x 145 mm


schematic-1024x636 PCB_layout3 PCB_bottom4 0-20V_BOM

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