Hi-End Microphone Pre-Amplifier With Pantom Power Input


Go from either dynamic condenser or electret microphone to line-level with a minimum of noise, distortion and hassle.  Balance Microphone preamplifier is ultra clean one channel preamplifier, intended for use in most critical digital analog recording situations.  The circuit delivers exceptional sonic performance even with extremely high input levels, making it ideal mate to the latest generation of transformer less condenser Microphones.  Built around well know pro audio preamplifier IC, very low noise and distortion kit offers 40dB overall gain variation, from 20dB to 60dB on board DC servo feedback and Balance audio output driver.  All condensers Microphone require some kind of electrical power and this power call phantom, project has facility for phantom power input and on board switch to turn on and off.  The phantom power term means a positive DC voltage sent to the microphone on both audio leads through current limiting resistors.

  • Supply dual 15V DC @ 500mA
  • Trimpot for Audio gain adjust 20dB-60dB
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
  • Maximum input +13dBV
  • Input impedance greater then 3K Ohms
  • DC servo feedback
  • Balance driver IC for balance audio output
  • Berg connector for unbalance audio out
  • Berg connector for phantom power input 48V @ 20mA
  • Slide switch for phantom power On/Off
  • RFI/EMI filter in input and output
  • Female XLR for Microphone input
  • Male XLR for Balance audio output
  • Berg connector for supply input
  • Berg connector Aux audio out and dual supply for VU meter
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 85 mm x 59 mm








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