Bar-Graph Voltmeter Range 0 To 10V Using LM3914 & 10 LEDS


0-10V Volt monitor project has been designed around LM3914 IC, It is an easy and less expensive project which instantly visualizes voltage level. The project is based on the popular LM3194 IC from Texas instruments. Handy 0-10V DC Voltmeter can be used as a voltage tester.

The LM3914 senses the voltage level at the input pin and drives the 10 light emitting diodes based on the voltage detected on input connector. Circuit works on 12V DC. J1 Jumper is used to select the DOT mode or bar graph mode.




  •     Input: 12 VDC @ 100 mA
  •     Output: 10 LED’s
  •     2 Types of display – Bar and Dot selectable by a jumper
  •     Very low current consumption, typical 100mA
  •     Header pins for connection of power and voltage in
  •     Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •     PCB dimensions 31 mm x 74 mm




  •     CN1 connections: VCC &GND: 0-10V variable input voltage supply
  •     CN2 connections: VCC &GND – 12VDC power supply
  •     J1 (Jumper): Open: Dot Mode & Close: Bar Mode



0-10V_Monitor_Bottom 0-10V_Monitor_TOP1






  • Andrew Leitch

    Nice layout but…

    The built in reference (Ref Out and Ref Adj pins) on the chip behave like an LM317. Use the reference as shown in the example on the LM3914 data sheet to make the 10V reference… One less component, more accurate and lower current draw.

    (You can use the resistor and Zener to protect the input from accidental over voltage, for better reliability).


  • Hi,

    Thanks for suggestion.

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