Current Sense Switch Using Shunt Resistor & OP-Amp 1 to 3Amps Adjust


Current Sensing Switch is designed to operate a Relay Contact when there is a DC current through the sense resistor exceeds the set point, Set point adjustable from 1A to 3Amp using on board potentiometer.  This circuit can offer over current protection to your project.




  •     Input: 12 VDC
  •      Range: 1 to 3 A selectable with onboard preset
  •      Output: SPDT Relay (Normally Open & Normally Closed)
  •      Power Battery Terminal (PBT) and Terminal Pins for easy connection
  •      Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •      PCB dimensions 52 mm x 47 mm

Current_Sense_Switch_SCH-e1460369343333 Current_Sense_Switch_PCB_TOP Current_Sense_Switch_PCB_BOTTOM Current_Sense_Switch_BOM-e1460369379477

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