Sound Activated/Clap Switch Using SMD Components


Clap switch/Sound-activated switch designed around op-amp, flip-flop and popular 555 IC. Switch avoids false triggering by using 2-clap sound. Clapping sound is received by a microphone,  the microphone changes the sound wave to electrical wave, which is further amplified by op-amp. 555 timer IC acts as mono=stable multi-vibrator then flip-flop changes the state of output relay on every two-clap sound. This can be used to turn ON/OFF lights and fans. Circuit activates upon two-clap sound and stays activated until another sound triggers the circuit.


  •     Supply 12V DC @ 60mA
  •     On board preset to set the sensitivity
  •     On board LED to indicate the Relay on/off state
  •     On board Microphone
  •     Relay switch 5Amps, 110V-230V


sound-activated-clapswitch-circuit-smd-2 sound-activated-clapswitch-circuit-smd-1



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