Heater Controller Using UAA2016

The UAA2016 is designed to drive triacs with the Zero Voltage technique which allows RFI-free power regulation of resistive loads. Operating directly on the AC power line, its main application is the precision regulation of electrical heating systems such as panel heaters or irons.

A built-in digital sawtooth waveform permits proportional temperature regulation action over a +/-1°C band around the set point. For energy savings there is a programmable temperature reduction function, and for security a sensor failsafe inhibits output pulses when the sensor connection is broken. Preset temperature (i.e. defrost) application is also possible. In applications where high hysteresis is needed, its value can be adjusted up to 5°C around the set point. All these features are implemented with a very low external component count.

  • Zero Voltage Switch for Triacs, up to 2.0 kW (MAC212A8)


  • Direct AC Line Operation


  • Proportional Regulation of Temperature over a 1°C Band


  • Programmable Temperature Reduction


  • Preset Temperature (i.e. Defrost)


  • Sensor Failsafe


  • Adjustable Hysteresis


  • Low External Component Count




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