4 Channel Compact Relay Board Using SMD Components ULN2003

4 Channel Relay Board is a simple and convenient way to interface 4 relays for switching application in your project. Very compact design can fit in small area, manly this board is made for low voltage application.


  • Input supply 12 VDC @ 170 mA
  • Output four SPDT relay
  • Relay specification  10A/24V DC
  • Trigger level 2 ~ 5 VDC
  • Header Connector for connecting power and trigger voltage
  •  LED on each channel indicates relay status
  •  Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy relay output and aux power connection
  •  Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each


Applications: Robotics, Electronics projects, Industrial controls, Microwaves Oven, Fans, DC Motor, AC Lamp, Solenoids Remote Controls etc.


Note: The board is designed for low voltage switching application, maximum supply at relay contacts 48V DC/7Amps





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