High Voltage Low EMI Power Supplies for AC Inverters and VF Drives, Brush-Less Motor Drivers

The high voltage high current low EMI, power supply circuit published here is intend use for AC inverters and VF drives,AC servo driver, brushless dc motor driver, IPM (Intelligent Power Module) , high voltage DC brushed motor drivers and various other circuit required high voltage DC supply.   Capacitor has been selected for AC power input up to 250V AC however capacitor voltage and value can be alter as per DC output required.  Bridge rectifier can handle current up to 25Amps and need large heat sink for full load. Onboard transformer used as EMI fliter.

  • AC Supply input up to 250V V AC
  • Maximum DC Output 400V DC and 10Amps.
  • DC Supply Output will depend on input supply
  • Fuse for Short circuit and over current protection
  • Fuse as per your application requirement Maximum 10Amps Fuse
  • NTC provided for inrush current
  • DC Bus has bleeding resistor








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