20Amps H-Bridge DC Motor Driver with Current and Fault Feedback Using IR2104-IR2101 IRFP4468

H-Bridge has been designed around IR2104 IC from international Rectifier, The board has been made mainly for DC-Motor Driver application, the driver can handle load up to 20 Amps, I have tested this board with 90V DC supply. The circuit uses N Channel IRFP4468 MOSFETS from international rectifier. MOSFET required large size heat sink.   Board has shunt resistor and signal conditioning circuits to provide voltage proportional to current passing through load. Comparator provides fault output, normally fault output is high goes low when its detect the over current passing through output..


  • Motor DC Supply 12V To 90V DC (Screw Terminal Connector)
  • Logic Supply 12V DC
  • Load 20 Amps (Screw Terminal Connector)
  • Fault Output Normally High, Goes Low When Over Current/Short Occurs
  • Current Feedback Output 200mv/1Amp ( If R5 Current Sense 0.01E)
  • Header Connector for Inputs (7 Pin Header Connector)
  • On Board Shunt Resistor for Current feedback
  • PWM Frequency 10 to 20 KHz
  • Duty Cycle 0-99%
  • Logic Pins support 3.3V, 5V, 12V (Inputs and PWM)


  • CN1 Supply Input
  • CN3 Logic Inputs, Current Feedback Output
  • CN2 Motor/Load Connections

CN3 Connections

Pin 1 Load Supply, Pin 2 GND, Pin 3 12V Gate Driver Supply, Pin 4 Input-1, Pin 5 SD1 Shutdown Input ( If IR2104 Used), Pin 6 Input 2, Pin 7 Shutdown Input ( If IR2104 Used), Pin 8 GND, Pin 9 Current Feed Back Output, Pin 10 Fault/Over Current Output, Pin 11 5V DC Output, Pin 12 Voltage Feedback Output

















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