60V to 5V-2Amps USB Power Output DC-DC Converter for E-Vehicle

Tiny 60V to 5V USB power converter is based on TPS54560 IC, the projects provides 5V DC and peak current up to 5Amps, constant current up to 2Amps. It can be used in lots of application where high voltage to 5V DC USB power required, good use in automotive application. It can be used in E-vehicle for smart phone charger,  USB Hub connector mounted on board for easy connection, input has screw terminal.

Download Data Sheet TPS54560


  • Supply input 9V to 60V DC
  • Output 5V DC
  • Load Current 5 Amps Peak and 2Amps Constant
  • Onboard USB Hub Connector
  • Good for E-Vehicle, Carts, Trucks as for USB Charger

Watch Video Of This Project

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