5 Phase Stepper Motor Driver Circuit

The  compact 5 Phase stepper driver project can handle motor up to 3.5amps supply 12-30V DC, driver has facility to set the load current, driver provides half stepping and full stepping, and easy to drive with step and direction pulse, trimmer pot provided to set the current,  The SI-7510 is a pre-driver IC for driving 5-phase stepper motors wound in the New Pentagon configuration (driver circuit design patented by Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.). Direct external control of motor driving functions are synchronized by the built-in sequencer to an applied clock input (CL) signal. The SI-7510 drive is implemented with a user-configurable output stage consisting of dual N-channel power MOSFETs. This results in lower thermal resistance and greater efficiency.

Features and Benefits

• Main supply voltage 12v to 24V DC ( Up to 42V Possible with altering Components Read Data sheet)

• Logic Supply Regulator On Board

• External forward and backward motor rotation control via

CW/CCW input

• External selection of 4-phase (full step) and 4-5–phase

(half step) driving via F/H pin

• Output enable/disable control via Enable pin (internal

sequencer function remains active during Disable state,

monitoring the clock input (CL) for automatic sequencing)

• Built-in charge pump circuit for driving external high-side

N-channel MOSFETs of all output phases

• Self-excitation constant current control set by external R-C

circuit time constant on RC input