High Precision Low Cost Adjustable Constant Current Source Output 0 to 2.5A

Current sources are widely used in industrial, power supply, LED drivers and other equipment. The project has been developed using the AD8276 difference amplifier and the AD8603 op-amp. Current source using the low power AD8276 difference amplifier and the AD8603 op amp are affordable, flexible, and is small in size. Performance characteristics such as initial error, temperature drift, and power dissipation make the AD8276 and the AD8603 ideal candidates for such project. The circuit provides current 0 to 2.5Amps, input supply 12 to 15V DC. I have tested this board with 4.7E/10W X3 parallel resistors.

Download PDF Schematic

Download AD8276 Data Sheet

Download AD8603 Data Sheet


  • Input 12 to 15V DC
  • Load Current Up to 2.5Amps
  • Current Adjustable 0 to 2.5Amps
  • On Board Trimmer Pot to Adjust the Current
  • Required Large Size Heatsink for full load 2.5Amps

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