Analog Light sensor using opt101

The high sensitive analog light sensor module can be used in light detection application, to make LUX meter. The sensor provides voltage output proportional to light falls on the sensor.

Single Supply: 2.7 to 36 V
Photodiode Size: 0.090 inch × 0.090 inch (2.29 mm × 2.29 mm)
Internal 1-MΩ Feedback Resistor
High Responsivity: 0.45 A/W (650 nm)
Bandwidth: 14 kHz at RF = 1 MΩ

The OPT101 is a monolithic photodiode with an on-chip trans-impedance amplifier. The integrated combination of the photodiode and trans-impedance amplifier on a single chip eliminates the problems commonly encountered in discrete designs, such as leakage current errors, noise pick-up, and gain peaking as a result of stray capacitance. Output voltage increases linearly with light intensity. The amplifier is designed for single or dual power-supply operation.