Rail to Rail Out Instrumentation Amplifier INA333 MODULE for Arduino

This module is Low-Power, Zero-Drift, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier, This module can be use in many applications like Bridge Amplifier, ECG Amplifiers, Pressure Sensor, Medical Instrumentation, Weigh Scales, Thermocouple Amplifier, RTD Sensor Amplifier.  Supply range 1.8V to 5.5V DC, easy Arduino interface.  


The INA333 device is a low-power, precision instrumentation amplifier offering excellent accuracy. The versatile 3-operational amplifier design, small size, and low power make it ideal for a wide range of portable applications.

A single external resistor sets any gain from 1 to 1000. The INA333 is designed to use an industry-standard gain equation: G = 1 + (100 kΩ / RG).



The INA333 device provides very low offset voltage (25 µV, G ≥ 100), excellent offset voltage drift (0.1 µV/°C, G ≥ 100), and high common-mode rejection (100 dB at G ≥ 10). It operates with power supplies as low as 1.8 V (±0.9 V) and quiescent current is only 50 µA, making it ideal for battery-operated systems. Using autocalibration techniques to ensure excellent precision over the extended industrial temperature range, the INA333 device also offers exceptionally low noise density (50 nV/√Hz) that extends down to DC.

Download Data Sheet INA333






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