40-V, 16-Bit, I2C output digital power monitor

he INA700 is a digital power monitor with an integrated shunt resistor along with a 16- bit delta-sigma ADC specifically designed for current sensing applications. The device can measure full-scale currents up to ±15.728 A with common-mode voltage support from –0.3 V to +40 V.

The INA700 reports current, bus voltage, die temperature, power, energy and charge accumulation with a precision ±0.5% integrated oscillator, all while performing the needed calculations in the background. The integrated temperature sensor is ±1.5°C accurate for monitoring the internal die temperature.

The low offset and gain drift design of the INA700 allows use in systems that do not undergo temperature calibration during manufacturing.

The device features selectable ADC conversion times from 50 µs to 4.12 ms as well as sample averaging from 1x to 1024x, which further helps reduce the noise of the measured data and allows for optimization of overcurrent detection windows.

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