Warning Flasher LED Based Lights Using 555 Timer IC With Frequency Adjust

LED Flasher is a simple project producing a flashing effect of six LED’s.  This project can be used in all areas where you want to draw attention.  Hi-glow LED’s providing enough flashing light to attract your attention. Can be used as warning light. Specifications   Supply input 12 V @ 35 mA (6 to 15V Dc Possible) Onboard preset to

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8 Channel Optically Isolated Board 4 Channel Inputs & 4 Channel Outputs for I/O Using PC817

Opto-Isolated I/O Board offers a compact & convenient way to interface industrial type inputs/outputs to your microcontroller boards, Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances etc.   4 opto-isolated inputs & 4 opto-isolated outputs  Std TTL input signals for opto-couplers  Interfacing is via 10-pin Box Header and Screw terminal type connector  Power source LED indicator  Four mounting holes

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