Current Sense Switch Using Shunt Resistor & OP-Amp 1 to 3Amps Adjust

Current Sensing Switch is designed to operate a Relay Contact when there is a DC current through the sense resistor exceeds the set point, Set point adjustable from 1A to 3Amp using on board potentiometer.  This circuit can offer over current protection to your project. Specifications       Input: 12 VDC      Range: 1 to 3 A selectable with onboard

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Lux Meter Module – Light Meter Schematic

  LUX Meter project has been design to measure the illumination.  Illumination is luminous flux falling on surface area of photo diode.  This illumination converted to corresponding voltage using Op-Amp circuit. Supply 9 VDC PP3 Battery @ 20 mA  Onboard Photo Diode  Onboard preset for calibration  Range selection via jumper 10mV/LUX, 1mV/LUX, 0.1mV/LUX  Interfacing is via berg connector  Power-On LED

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