Clap Switch (Sound Activated Switch) Using CD4013, NE555 Timer, LM358 OP-AMP

Clap switch/voice activated switch designed around op-amp,flip-flop, and popular 555 IC. switch is free from false triggering to turn on/off any appliance, you just have to clap twice. The sound of clap received by microphone, microphone changes the sound wave in electrical wave which is further amplify by op-amp. 555 timer IC act as mono stable multi vibrator then flip

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DC Motor Direction Controller Using Relay & Flip Flop

DC Motor Direction Control project offers direction control using digital logic gates and a DPDT relay. Features Supply input 12 VDC @ 75 mA Power LED DC Motor Direction LED Yellow/Green Relay Output: up to 7 A ( DC Motor Load 7mps) Onboard tactile switch for direction control Relay based drive design with diode protection LED indicator for direction indication

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