AC Solid State Toggle Switch Using Traic and CD4001

ON/OFF AC load Controller project offers simple On/Off Switch Control with two tact switch, The switch has snubber circuit to control restive load as well as inductive load. Input supply – 12 VDC @ 40 mA  Output – upto 500 W – 230 VAC  Onboard tactile switch for ON/OFF control  Opto-isolated Triac based design  Power-On LED indicator  Screw Terminal pins

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Two Channel Relay Board

2 channel Relay driver project can be controlled by feeding 2-12V trigger voltage, Very useful project for application like Micro-Controller based projects, Remote controller, Lamp on Off, and any circuits which required isolated high current and high voltage switching by applying any TTL or CMOS level voltage. Two LED works as operation indicator while in , 3 pins screw terminals

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16 Channel Infra Red Remote Control

16 Channel Infra-Red remote controller is based on PIC16F73 Micro-controller from Microchip. The receiver part follows RC5 (Philips) Code Format. Tiny receiver provides 16 latch outputs or 8 Latch + 8 Momentary outputs by closing Jumper J1. All outputs are TTL and can drive Relay board or solid state relay. The circuit uses TSOP1738 Infra-Red receiver module which provides high

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