Audio Oscillator Generator Adjustable 115Hz-1Khz


Audio Oscillator project simply produces audio tones for use in the range of 115 Hz to 1 KHz.  This kit is a must for audio technicians and experimenters alike.

Input : 6 VDC @ 325 mA
Output : Speaker, 8 Ω / 0.5 W
Range 115 Hz to 1 KHz Selectable by Onboard PRESET
ON/OFF slide switch for power supply
Terminal pins for supply voltage and speaker output
Power-On LED indicator
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 39 mm x 42 mm


audio-oscillator-ajustable-1 audio-oscillator-ajustable-1

2 Tone Audio Oscillator Circuit


2 Tone Audio Oscillator is a simple circuit which will generate audio tone on the press of a button.  This circuit can be very useful as test equipment for audio equipment or as a signal source in an audio input.

Input – 5 ~ 12 VDC @ 100 mA
Output – Speaker, 8 Ω / 0.25 W
Two switches produce / play different frequencies
Frequencies 1.2 KHz, 700 Hz
Terminal pins for supply voltage
Power-On LED indicator
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 47 mm x 46 mm


2tone-audio-oscillator 2tone-audio-oscillator-2

3 Tone Audio Oscillator Circuit CD4001


3 Tone Audio Oscillator is a simple circuit which will generate audio tone on the press of a button. This circuit can be very useful as a test equipment for audio equipment’s or as a signal source for  an audio input.

Input – 12 VDC @ 100 mA
Output – Speaker, 8 Ω / 0.25 W
Three switches produce 1.2 KHz, 725 Hz and 325 Hz
Terminal pins for supply Voltage and speaker connection
Power-On LED indicator
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 42 mm x 48 mm

2tone-audio-oscillator 3-tone-audio-oscillator-2

3 Tone Musical Bell with Audio Amplifier


3 Tone Musical Bell project is built around BT66T (UM66) IC driving LM386 audio amplifier to give that extra punch.


  • Input 6 VDC @ 200 mA
  • Output 8 Ohms 0.5 W Speaker
  • Terminal pins for supply voltage and speaker connection
  • Power-On LED indicator
  • Onboard push to ON switch
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 35 mm x 54 mm


Light Sensitive Audio Oscillator


Light Sensitive Audio Oscillator project is a fun loving project which will create different sound effects depending on the light falling on the sensor (LDR).


  • Supply input 5 ~ 12 VDC
  • Output 8 Ohms, 0.5 W Speaker
  • Terminal pins for supply voltage and speaker connection
  • Power-On LED indicator
  • PCB dimensions 38 mm x 44 mm

light-sensitive-audio-oscillator-5 light-sensitive-audio-oscillator-3

Water Level Sensor Alarm


This small water sensor alarm circuit makes a loud warning sound when a water  sensor detects a quantity of water.


  •  Input : 9 VDC @ 40 mA
  •  Output : Buzzer
  •  Berg connector for voltage supply input
  •  Power-On LED indicator
  •  Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •  PCB dimensions 35 mm x 32 mm


watar-level-buzzer-1 watar-level-buzzer-2

Dark Sensitive Switch Circuit Based on Single Transistor


Dark Sensitive switch project based on single BC547 transistor, Relay operates when light that falls on the LDR, goes below a set point. It’s very simple and low cost dark sensitive switch required few components.


  • Input : 12 VDC @ 55 mA
  •  Relay output : NC – C – NO
  •  Onboard preset to set the level
  •  Power-On LED indicator
  •  Relay On LED indicator
  •  Screw terminal connector for easy relay output connection
  •  Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •  PCB dimensions 44 mm x 40 mm


dark-sensitive-switch-based-on-one-transistor-45 dark-sensitive-switch-based-on-one-transistor-2



TB6600 Based 4.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver


Bipolar stepper drive board described here has been designed around TB6600HG IC. The TB6600HG is PWM chopper type single chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping driver. Maximum  Load 4.5A, Supply 10V to 42V DC.



  •     Based on Single chip and Second chip for auto half current control
  •     Suitable for Nema17, Nema23, Nema34 bipolar stepper motors
  •     Suitable for 4Wires, 6 wires and 8 wires stepper motor.
  •     Forward and reverse rotations available
  •     Selectable Phase (Micro-step) drives 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16
  •     Maximum Input supply 42V DC Minimum Input supply 10V DC
  •     Output current 4.5Amps
  •     Output Fault Monitor LED indicator
  •     On Board Power LED indicator
  •     On Board step pulse input indicator
  •     Standby auto half current reduction circuitry onboard
  •     Built in Thermal shutdown (IC)
  •     Built in under voltage lock out (UVLO) circuit (IC)
  •     Built in over current detection (ISD) circuit (IC)
  •     Large capacitor to handle inrush current




  •     Robotics
  •     Large format Size Printers
  •     CNC
  •     Routers
  •     3D Printers
  •     Machine Automations
  •     Camera Pan Tilt Heads
  •     Slot Machine
  •     Vending Machine


Heat-sink and Thermal Shutdown

The board has current  sense resistors and these resistors has been set as per maximum load current 4.5A, If you use lower current motor, please set the PR1-Preset ( Potentiometer) to the required  level for the motor. At maximum current load TB6600 IC will overheat in some time and a RED LED turns on. This LED goes off once the temperature falls to a safe operating level.


Micro Stepping

A 4way DIP switch is used to set the micro step modes (Full, Half, Eight, Sixteenth), please see the table for Micro step settings. DIP Switch settings should be changed when power is off so the correct selection is active at power up.


Step Pulse

Minimum positive duty cycle of the input step pulse should be 2.2us and required 5V (TTL) signal. A positive going pulse on the step input activates a step operation.


Current Settings

Average drive current can be set using a Preset (On Board PR1 Potentiometer). CN7 (CT) onboard connector   is provided  to measure the voltage to set the motor current (torque). Voltage range to set the torque   0.3V to 3.5V



Never connect or remove supply wires, motor wires, or input interface when power is on, this can cause damage to drive.

Switch Off the Power to set the Micro stepping

Before using this drive, please have proper information about stepper motors, Motor impedance, Inductance and other specs.



All Inputs are optically isolated to prevent the device for any kind of noise, short circuits.


 Enable: Required 5V DC input, Set high Input disabled the drive, Set low input Enable the drive

Dir.: Required 5V DC input, Set high Input CW Rotation, Set low input CCW Rotation, Direction of the motor depends how stepper motor has been wired.

CLK: Step Pulse required 5V DC TTL pulse



4 Wires, 6 Wires, 8 Wires Motors can be used with this drive in bipolar mode.On board LED for Alert



SW4 (LATCH): ON=Automatic Return if Thermal Shutdown Or Over Current Detection OCCURS

SW4 (LATCH) : OFF= On Fault condition required power on/off


tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-7 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-5 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-2 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-6 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-3 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-4 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-3 tb6600-bipolar-4-5a-stepper-motor-driver-1

5V/1A (700mA) Regulated Power Supply LM7805, CA7805


This project will provide 5 V @ 700 Amp DC Regulated Supply.  The project is based on the Lm7805 voltage regulator in TO220

  • Input 7 – 15 VAC
  • Output 5 V @ 1 A peak (700 mA ideal) regulated low ripple DC voltage
  • Onboard bridge rectifier to convert AC to DC
  • Thermal overload/short circuit protection (provided by IC feature)
  • Screw terminal connector for easy input and output connection
  • Filter capacitors for low ripple DC output
  • LED indication for output
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 35 mm x 45 mm









Dual Adjustable Power Supply +/- 1.2V to 30V DC. 1.5Amp

Dual Adjustable Power Supply (1)

This project is a solution to power up most of devices or projects required dual (+/-) adjustable power supply. The circuit is based on LM317 positive and LM337 negative voltage regulator. LM317  series of adjustable 3 terminal regulator is capable of supplying in excess of 1.5A over a  1.2V to 30V DC output range, due to TO3 package of  IC and large heat sink the power supply can handle maximum load  current.

  • Output: +/- 1.2 to 30V DC
  • Output Current: 1.5Amps
  • Supply Input: 24V-0-24V AC, 2Amps Center tape Transformer
  • CN1: Transformer Connections
  • CN3: +/- Dual Supply Outputs
  • P1: Positive Voltage Adjust
  • P2: Negative Voltage Adjust
  • D1: Positive Power Indicator
  • D2: Negative Power Indicator



Dual Adjustable Power Supply (2)


Dual Adjustable Power Supply (3)


image description




Dual Adjustable Power Supply (4)


1 51 52 53 54