DC Motor Speed Controller with 2 digit display ( Duty Cycle Display)

The versatile DC motor speed controller project is based on PIC16F1825 microcontroller, its generate PWM pulse and also display the value on 2 digit 7 segment display, duty cycle adjustable 0 to 99 %, Frequency 1Khz, the speed of motor possible with help of two tactile switches.  The board only generate and display the PWM, project required Mosfet on output to drive the motor. Check the circuit diagram for the Mosfet circuit.

Note: Output MOSFET can be used as per current and voltage requirements, it is advisable to use isolated DC solid state relay at the output.

Download Hex Code For This Project

Download Data Sheet Of PIC16F1825

Download PDF Schematic


  • Supply 5V DC
  • Motor supply 12V to 30V DC
  • Frequency 1Khz
  • Duty Cycle 0 to 99%
  • Mosfet is outside of the board

LED Based Strobe Controller with Frequency Control and Display Using PIC16F1825 and CAT4016 IC

Strobe provides regular flashes of light. Usually Strobes are designed using Xenon Tubes, Here is LED based simple solution can be used as strobe for entertainment and events and also as warning signals, Project is based on PIC16F1825 micro-controller with two digit frequency display.CAT4016 IC provided to drive 2 display.

Project provides TTL output signal, frequency 1Hz-25Hz, Tact switches provided to set the frequency.  Use solid state relay , BJT transistor or Mosfet at output to drive LED, choose right load driver as per LED required current.


The CAT4016 is a 16 channel constant current driver for LED billboard and other general display applications. LED channel currents are programmed together via an external RSET resistor. Low output voltage operation on the LED channels as low as 0.4 V (for 2 to 100 mA LED current) allows for more power efficient designs.

A high-speed 4-wire serial interface of up to 25 MHz clock frequency controls each individual channel using a shift register and latch configuration. A serial output data pin (SOUT) allows multiple devices to be cascaded and programmed via one serial interface. The device also includes a blanking control pin (BLANK) that can be used to disable all channels independently of the interface.

Thermal shutdown protection is incorporated in the device to disable the LED outputs if the die temperature exceeds a set limit.


  • Supply 4.5 to 5V DC
  • Frequency 1Hz To 25Hz
  • Easy Interface with Relay Board
  • Easy Interface with Solid State Relay
  • On Board Power LED
  • On Board Output LED
  • Onboard Switch to set the frequency
  • 2X7 Segment 0.5 Inch Display

Note: Refer Our DC Solid State Relay Circuit  which can be used to drive LED or any other Load.


  • Strobe for Entertainment
  • Traffic Signal
  • Warning Signal
  • Ambulance Warning Signals
















Digital LED Dimmer With 2 Digit Display Using PIC Micro-Controller

Digital LED dimmer with 2 digit display, simple circuit using PIC16F1825  Micro-Controller and CAT4016 LED diver from www.onsemi.com .  LED intensity can set using two tact switches. The board provides TTL PWM 1-99% duty cycle out which required Mosfet/BJT transistor or LED driver on output for LED load. Frequency 250Hz.

  • Supply 4.5 to 5V DC
  • Range 01 to 99 Duty Cycle
  • On Board Two Switches for PWM
  • On Board Power LED