Sound To Light Effects Using LM358 Op-Amp LEDs & Microphone

This PROJECTS  will turn your favorite music into light effects, a microphone picks up the sound and gives  light effects with 6 Red LEDs, ideal for creating fun atmosphere at parties & discos. Supply 9V-12V DC. Features Supply 9V-12V DC (PP3 9V Battery) On Board Preset for Gain Adjust 6 On Board LEDs On Board Condenser Microphone SMD based small

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PIC Micro-Controller Based Running Light Controller Using Traic and Large Size Lamps

This project provides some lighting effect by the blinking pattern of the bulbs connected at its output. Up to 8 Bulbs can be connected in between connector CN2 to CN9 and AC power to control them should be connected at Connector CN10. DC Power should be applied at Connector CN11 in accordance with the polarity marked on this connector. Care

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Automatic Street Lamp On/OFF Switch Using Traic and LDR

Dark Sensitive Lamp controller project switches a load connected to it when light falling on LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)  goes bellow set point.  It could be used as an automatic street light application. The projects based on Traic and doesn’t required addition DC supply, its work directly on 230VAC. Features Mains supply input 230 VAC Output load up to 500

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