Arduino Based open Source Robot Controller With I/Os using Dual LMD18201 3Amps Each H-Bridge Motor Driver & Sensors ( Compatible with M-BOT )

Arduino Based open Source Robot Controller With I/O using  Dual LMD18201 3Amps Each H-Bridge Motor Driver & Sensors ( Compatible with M-BOT  )



  • LMD18201X2 Motor Driver IC
  • Infra-Red Receiver TSOP1738
  • On Board Infra-Red LED
  • Multiple I/O Connectors for Sensors, Encoders
  • On Board LDR as Light Sensor
  • Onboard Piezo Buzzer
  • On Board Power LED


PS2 Wireless Remote Control Robot Controller Using PIC Micro-Controller


The  PS2 Mobile Robot Controller is microcontroller board designed to drive mobile robots, DC Motor controller interface allows wireless control of two DC motors, two PWM and 4 Direction signal outputs to drive two more motors , 4 momentary Signal out to control Solenoid, Lights, and Power on/off. DC motors are controlled using the two joysticks Left Y and right Y. Motor speed and direction is proportional to the tilt of the Joystick.

  • Two DC Motors 1Amp Left Side  Motor, 1Amp Right side Motor
  • Motor Driver based on L298 H-Bridge
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless PS2 remote control with 2 analog joysticks & 16 buttons
  • Kit Includes receiver, cable
  • Smooth motion due to PWM controlled
  • Includes a small receiver module for plugins PS2 cable
  • Screw Terminal for Easy connect Motors and Power Supply
  • Tiny board can fit in small robots
  • PWM based speed controller
  • Power Supply 8V 12V DC ( 24V also possible)
  • Kit Contains PS2 Remote, Motor driver, interface cable for Receiver & Micro-Controller Based  Motor driver
  • Useful for hobbyist, students and researchers
  • Requires 2AAA batteries