Motorized Slider for Pro-Camera Using Nema 23 Stepper Motor or Servo Motor

Motorized Camera Slider for Pro Camera Like Red Epic, Alexa, Black Magic, Canon, Nikon, Fuji.

The Slider can handle Payload Up to 20Kg, It  has option for stepper motor or brushed/Brush-Less servo mounting , linear movement can be controlled using Arduino, motion control software, Radio frequency remote, Joystick based wire remote, Futaba RC Remote. Infra Red Remote Controlled, Normal Hand movement possible without motor. 


  • Stop Motion
  • Time Lapes
  • Motion Controlled Shoot
  • Smooth Linear Motion

Note : I will update the pictures of stepper motor, brushed/brush-less servo mount.

My 5 Axis CNC Milling _ CNC Router Controller_ Mach3_Mach4_UCCNC machine control software

5 Axis CNC Controller Box Mach3/Mach4 , Bipolar Stepper Driver Based , USB/LPT This pre-wired 4Axis stepper motor control box has everything you need to drive a  CNC Milling machine, CNC Router and motion control – with 4 stepper driver, one power supplies, e-stop, power plugs, limit switch, parallel port input or USB/LAN Optional. This unit is expandable to your needs, versatile, and flexible. The Unit CNC Controller includes 4×4.2amp micro-stepping Bipolar Drivers at defaults, giving you versatility. Have a machine with two motors driving the gantry? No problem. You will still have a spare back-up driver for high-reliability, or use the spare for a rotary axis, and still be able to swap it over as a backup in case you have a driver failure in a high-reliability production environment. This unit comes with breakout board that can be configured for parallel control or optional USB-control.


  • 4X4,2Amps Stepper Motor Driver
  • 1X 7.2Amps Stepper Motor Driver
  • Compatible with Mach3_Mach4_UCCCNC Software
  • Connector for 230V AC supply input
  • 4 PIN Female XLR connectors for stepper motor connection
  • 9 PIN D Sub Connector for Limit Switches
  • 9 Pin D Sub connector for Emergency switch
  • 24V 14Amps SMPS for Motors
  • Onboard 24V to 5V DC-DC Converter
  • On/Off Switch