16X2 LCD Adapter Board

RS232 or RS485 Board will help you provide a seamless connection of either of the protocol RS232 or RS485 with your interfacing circuit. 5 VDC Supply sourced through the Box Header interfacing connector  Either of the two communication protocol available by use of individual IC on the PCB  PBT type connector for connection of the RS485 link cable and 9

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GLCD Adapter Board

GLCD Adapter Board offers an easy way to interface a standard GLCD to your project. 5 VDC supply sourced through the interfacing Box Header connector Two separate box header connector available for interfacing of data bus and control bus to the interfacing unit On Board Contrast control Preset also available PCB dimensions 52 mm x 33 mm  

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DTMF Development Board

DTMF Development Board offers a very convenient way to generate DTMF tones and demodulate it.  It uses the famous MT8880/MT8888 DTMF transreceiver IC. Easy 10 pin Box Header connector for interfacing data/control pins Crystal derived frequency source for accurate generation and demodulation of DTMF tones for your project Onboard upto 350 mW audio amplifier block for DTMF tones with Volume

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