Arduino 4 Channel Infra-Red Remote Controlled ON/OFF Switch

The project published here allows turning ON and OFF lights fans using infra red remote. Project consist 4 channel Nano relay shield, low cost infra-red remote. The project can control Fan, AC lamps AC230V/AC110V or DC load upto 7Amps.

64 Channel Infra Red Remote Control Circuit and PCB Layout ( Link- Schematic & PCB Layout)


One Channel Infra-Red Remote Controller PIC12F683 

One Channel Infra-Red Remote and receiver with onboard Relay provides normally open and normally closed output. The project based on PIC12F683 Micro-controller from Microchip , TSOP1738 used as Infra-Red receiver. Micro-controller decodes the RC5 serial data coming from TSOP1738 and provides high output if the data is valid. The output can be set Momentary or Latch using on board Jumper (J1) and closure. The board provided with 3 LEDs, Power LED, Valid Transmission LED and Output LED. This Remote works with switch No1 of RC5 Remote.


4 Channel RF Remote Controller Momentary Outputs

4 Channel RF remote built using PT2262 and PT2272-M4 IC from Princeton technology. PT2262 used as Encoder (Transmitter) and PT2272-M4 Decoder (Receiver) ICs are the heart of the project. The receiver provides 4 channel Momentary outputs. All outputs are TTL level can be interfaced with other circuits or relay board. The transmitter works with 5V to 12V DC. Receiver works with 5V DC.


4 Channel Infra Red Remote Controller Transmitter & Receiver Latch Or Momentary Using HT12A HT12D


RF Remote Controlled DC Motor Driver Using HT12E & HT12D

 H007 Ver2

4 Channel IR Remote Controller with 4 Relay HT12A and HT12D

 8 Channel RF Remote Controller using HT640 and HT648 (1)

8 Channel RF Remote Controller HT640 & HT648L


16 Channel Infra Red Remote Controller Using PIC16F73 NEC CODE


16 Channel Infra Red Remote Controller Using PIC16F73 Philips RC5 CODE


One Channel Infra Red Remote Controller with On Board Relay Using PIC12F683 & TSOP1738