The projects are presented “as is” and are believed to be without error, however this cannot be guaranteed, and it is reasonable to assume that mistakes or other errors will occur from time to time. If errors are found, please contact TWOVOLT and describe the error (and its consequences) so that corrections may be made.

No project or other activity referred to directly or by reference in this web site or any other as may be used or linked by TWOVOLT should be attempted before checking for updates or additional material that may make a substantial difference to the operation, safety or other aspect of a design, schematic or idea.

All text, diagrams, circuits and any other material presented in these project and articles pages are Copyright © TWOVOLT unless otherwise stated. These circuits and descriptions are available for personal use only, and may not be used commercially without the author’s written consent nor may the projects or articles presented be copied or directly linked to other sites or re-published in whole or in part in any form whatsoever whether electronic or otherwise without the author’s written consent. Violators will be vigorously pursued by any and all means at my disposal.

Copyright Notice. All projects and articles referred to herein, including but not limited to all text and diagrams, are the intellectual property of TWOVOLT unless otherwise stated, and are Copyright © as noted in the footer of the project or article.  Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical or any other means, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws. The author /editor (TWOVOLT) grants the reader the right to use this information for personal use only, and further allows that one (1) copy may be made for reference and/or while constructing the project. Commercial use in whole or in part is prohibited without express written authorization from TWOVOLT and the owner of the copyright in the case of articles submitted by readers or reproduced with the permission of the original Copyright holder.

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