Zero-Drift Op Amp with High Accuracy Regardless of Temperature Changes

ROHM has developed a zero-drift operational amplifier (op amp) – the LMR1002F-LB. It is designed for industrial and consumer electronics devices and minimizes both input offset voltage and input offset voltage temperature drift. Capable of accurately amplifying output signals from sensors installed in various measurement devices, this new op amp is ideal for current sensing applications such as power control inverters and temperature/pressures/flow/gas detectors.

As automotive and industrial equipment become more sophisticated and application control requirements are more precise, environmental sensors are increasingly being used to quantify temperature, pressure, and gas concentrations such as carbon dioxide to foster a sustainable society. However, sensor signals are so small that amplification is necessary, and if a general op amp with 1mV offset voltage is used to amplify the sensor signal by a factor of 1,000, for example, the offset voltage also increases by this amount – resulting in a voltage error of 1V (1,000mV) in the signal output. At the same time, input offset voltage temperature drift, which varies according to temperature and time, is difficult to compensate for.

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