This is very accurate voltage to current source, can be used in many applications such as LED drivers, TEC drivers, Power Supply, Battery charger. Download PDF Document Download PDF Schematic Download LT1789-1 Data Sheet Download LT1636 Data Sheet Supply Input 3.3V to 32VI-LOAD=VIN/RSENSEX10=1A PER VOLTRISE TIME 250us, 10% TO 90%1A TO 2A OUTPUT STEP INTO 0.25 OHMS LOAD   FORMULA

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Arduino 4 Digit 7 Segment Multiplexed Display Board Using ATmega328 Chip

Tiny 4 Digit 7 Segment Arduino compatible display module  to create  display related projects like, counter, timer, thermometer, games, voltmeter, current meter, light meter,  and other projects required 4 digit display,   on board connector provided to program the Arduino boot-loader and Arduino code using Arduino IDE. Circuit works with 5V DC. Features Supply 5V DC 4 Digit 7 Segment

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Heat Activated Cooling Fan Controller Circuit Using LM393-LM358 & LM35 Temperature Sensor

Heat activated cooling fan controller ( Thermal Activated Cooling Fan Driver Circuit) is a simple project which operates a Brush-Less fan when the temperature in a particular area goes above a set point, when temperature return normal, fan automatically turns off. The project is built using LM358 Op-amp ( Use LM393 instead for good performance) ,  and LM35 temperature Sensor.

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