B & Plus KK 2kW Output Wireless Chargers for AGVs/Mobility

B & Plus wireless chargers for AGVs/mobility features a high power output of 2kW that can supply power to high capacity batteries in electric golf carts and AGVs for autonomous transport in factories.
Models can be selected based on output power, with ROHM SiC MOSFETs and SBDs used in the three high end models with the highest output (600W / 1kW / 2kW). ROHM SBDs were adopted as a result of evaluation by B & Plus due to their ideal balance of low VF, IFSM, and recovery characteristics.At the same time, ROHM SiC MOSFETs deliver excellent operating characteristics even at high temperatures, enabling the miniaturization of heat dissipation components that contribute to smaller application size.

More info….https://www.b-plus-kk.jp/company.html