Arduino 2 Channel Infra Red Remote Controller using 2 relay

The project published here allows turning ON and OFF lights fans using infra red remote , Two channel infra remote controller requires 2 channel relay board, Arduino UNO, TSOP1738/TSOP1838 IR sensor, IR remote. Circuit required 12 DC supply.  The relay board schematic link provided bellow. Download Arduino Code 2 Channel Relay Board Schematic and Details TSOP1738/TSOP1838 Ir Sensor Data Sheet

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15 LED’s Arduino Bar-graph Display and AD22151 Magnetic Field Sensor

My experiment with AD22151 Magnetic field sensor and 15LED’s Arduino Bar-graph display, the project shows how to read an analog input on analog pin A1, and print it out to 15 Bar-Graph LED’s. Bar-Graph board is Arduino compatible and hold ATmega328 chip on board, 15 LED’s with 330 Ohms series resistors. Supply 5V DC.   Download Arduino Code Download AD22151

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Arduino Prints AD22151 analog information to serial monitor

Printing Magnetic field sensor to serial monitor using Arduino. The AD22151 is linear magnetic field transducer. The sensor output is a voltage proportional to a magnetic field applied perpendicularly to the package top surface. The sensor combines integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrument technology to minimize temperature related drifts associated with silicon Hall cell characteristics. Applications Of AD22151 Throttle

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