EMI filter circuit using common mode inductors and capacitors

Circuit published here is a dual stage EMI filter. EMI Filters are widely used in applications such as Appliances, Military systems, Aerospace systems , SMPS, VFD drives, AC Servo drives,  Energy Management Systems, Computers, Factory Automation Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Automotive Battery Charger. The EMI circuit normally consists of passive components, including capacitors and common mode inductors, connected together

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Arduino 4 channel on-off (toggle) switch

Arduino based 4 channel toggle switch using 4 relays, 4 tactile switches, an Arduino Nano, the circuit required 12V DC, the relay can handle load up to 7Amps 230V DC or 7Amps/30V DC. Download Arduino Code Download PDF Schematic Download Code>>>> Github   ARDUINO CODE //Buttons int SWITCH1 = A3; int SWITCH2 = A4; int SWITCH3 = A5; int SWITCH4

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Arduino Nano 4 Channel Relay Shield

The Relay Shield is a module with 4 mechanical relays that provides you an easy way to control high voltage using Arduino Nano. 4 Channel Relay Arduino Nano shield contains onboard 4 relays, TSOP1838 Infra-Red Sensor, NRF24L01 RF transceiver module, 4tactile switches.  The circuit described here can be used for many applications like the infra-red remote controller, RF remote controller,

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