4 Channel IR Transmitter and Receiver Module Using ht12A & HT12d

4 Channel Infrared (IR) Remote is a simple project using the popular HT12A and HT12D encoder/decoder chips from Holtek.  The project can be used in latch mode or momentary mode, mode selection possible using J1 Jumper and transmitter end. All output at the receiver end is TTL.



  •     Supply – Transmitter: 2.4 ~ 5 VDC, 5 V @ 20 mA & Receiver: 5 ~ 6 VDC, 5 V @ 50 mA
  •     Output – 4 Latched/Momentary TTL compatible outputs
  •      Crystal based oscillator for the reliability of operation
  •      DIP switch selectable 8-bit address code
  •      LED output to indicate reception
  •      ON/OFF slide switch in the transmitter
  •      Power-On LED indicator in the Receiver / Transmitter
  •      High noise immunity
  •      Berg connector for interfacing of the board
  •      Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •      PCB dimensions – Transmitter: 61 mm x 47 mm & Receiver: 46 mm x 46 mm

RC Signal Monitor Using 20 Bargraph LEDs Including RC Switch ( RC Signal Reader Using Bar-Graph Display)

The versatile Bar-Graph SMD components based R/C signal monitor & R/C switch is a great tool for R/C hobbyist R/C modeller and DIY robotics, Tiny Bar-Graph displays provide a Red color bright, easy to read display of Radio Control (R/C) signal from 1mS to 2mS.  This Bar-Graph has 20 segments in single color and display R/C signal in span of 1mS to 2mS. The Barograph RC Signal reader is based on PIC micro-controller PIC16F886. This high performance measurement provides unique capabilities and can be used in various applications like Radio Signal Monitor, Robotics, Machine Control, RC Remote Tester, RC Signal to ON/OFF switch by connecting Relay board or Solid state relay at output of any suitable LED. Multi switches also possible connecting relay boards on all separate LEDs. Solder Jumpers provided on bottom side of PCB to select particular output to interface with Relay or Solid state Relay. PIC16F886 is heart of the project.

Note: This board has been designed for multiple options and has few extra components. Check BOM carefully before soldering the components.  Solder the parts as described in parts list. 



  • Supply 5V DC
  • Input 1mS to 2 Ms
  • Display Range 1.5mS to 2mS Center to Left 10 LEDs & 5mS to 1mS Center to Right 10Leds
  • Output Display 20 Color RED SMD LEDs
  • Compact Board with SMD Components
  • Supply input Header Connecter
  • Solder Jumper on each LED for Output Control, Alarm, and Relay














Arduino Based open Source Robot Controller With I/Os using Dual LMD18201 3Amps Each H-Bridge Motor Driver & Sensors ( Compatible with M-BOT )

Arduino Based open Source Robot Controller With I/O using  Dual LMD18201 3Amps Each H-Bridge Motor Driver & Sensors ( Compatible with M-BOT  )



  • LMD18201X2 Motor Driver IC
  • Infra-Red Receiver TSOP1738
  • On Board Infra-Red LED
  • Multiple I/O Connectors for Sensors, Encoders
  • On Board LDR as Light Sensor
  • Onboard Piezo Buzzer
  • On Board Power LED


PS2 Wireless Remote Control Robot Controller Using PIC Micro-Controller


The  PS2 Mobile Robot Controller is microcontroller board designed to drive mobile robots, DC Motor controller interface allows wireless control of two DC motors, two PWM and 4 Direction signal outputs to drive two more motors , 4 momentary Signal out to control Solenoid, Lights, and Power on/off. DC motors are controlled using the two joysticks Left Y and right Y. Motor speed and direction is proportional to the tilt of the Joystick.

  • Two DC Motors 1Amp Left Side  Motor, 1Amp Right side Motor
  • Motor Driver based on L298 H-Bridge
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless PS2 remote control with 2 analog joysticks & 16 buttons
  • Kit Includes receiver, cable
  • Smooth motion due to PWM controlled
  • Includes a small receiver module for plugins PS2 cable
  • Screw Terminal for Easy connect Motors and Power Supply
  • Tiny board can fit in small robots
  • PWM based speed controller
  • Power Supply 8V 12V DC ( 24V also possible)
  • Kit Contains PS2 Remote, Motor driver, interface cable for Receiver & Micro-Controller Based  Motor driver
  • Useful for hobbyist, students and researchers
  • Requires 2AAA batteries