16 Channel Infra Red Remote Controller Using PIC16F73 & TSOP1738 NEC CODE


16 Channel Infra-Red remote controller is built around PIC16F73 Microcontroller from Microchip. The receiver part follows NEC Code Format. Tiny receiver provides 16 latch outputs. All outputs are TTL and can drive Relay board or solid state relay. The circuit uses TSOP1738 Infra-Red receiver module which provides high degree of noise immunity against interfering light source.





  • Supply Remote Transmitter 3V CR2025 Battery
  • Supply Receiver 7V to 12V DC
  • Modulation 38Khz
  • NEC Code Format
  • Operating range up to 10-15 feet
  • 2 Pin Screw Terminals for Supply Input
  • On Board Power LED
  • Onboard VT (Valid Transmission) LED
  • All 16 Channels are Latch Outputs
  • All Outputs TTL Level provided with Header Connector



  • Robotics
  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Home Appliances
  • Remote Door closer
  • Remote Curtains
  • Security Systems


16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-H011-sch 16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-PIC01_SILK 16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-PIC01_BOTTOM 16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-bom 16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-003 16-Channel-Tiny-Infra-Red-Remote-Controller-NEC-PIC01

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