Light Sensitive Audio Oscillator

Light Sensitive Audio Oscillator project is a fun loving project which will create different sound effects depending on the light falling on the sensor (LDR). Features Supply input 5 ~ 12 VDC Output 8 Ohms, 0.5 W Speaker Terminal pins for supply voltage and speaker connection Power-On LED indicator PCB dimensions 38 mm x 44 mm

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Water Level Sensor Alarm

This small water sensor alarm circuit makes a loud warning sound when a water  sensor detects a quantity of water. Features  Input : 9 VDC @ 40 mA  Output : Buzzer  Berg connector for voltage supply input  Power-On LED indicator  Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each  PCB dimensions 35 mm x 32 mm  

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32 Seconds Voice Record Playback Circuit

Project   has been designed around Win bond’s ISD1616 IC (SMD) IC, which is fully integrated, single-chip, single massage voice record and playback device ideally project suited to a variety of electronics systems. Massages are stored in flash memories made in unique Multilevel Storage Technology (MLS). Therefore, voice or audio data are stored directly into the memory in their natural form

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