Large Size Bar-Graph Voltage Monitor Using Arduino Mega and 20 Segment 3W White LED

Simple 20 LED  Bar-Graph Voltmeter , each LED display 0.25V, this circuit can measure 5V directly or its can measure higher voltage range using resistor divider.  Example circuit for resistor divider. If choose Z1=10K and Z2-10K it can measure 0-10V. Turns on a series of LEDs based on the value of an analog voltage input.  This is a simple way

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10X3W White LED Knight Rider Effect ( Arduino Uno)

Simple Project provide knight rider effect with help of 10X3W white LEDs and Arduino Uno, LED connected to D2 to D11 pins of Arduino.  Download Arduino Code Arduino Pins Vs LED D2>>LED1 D3>>LED2 D4>>LED3 D5>>LED4 D6>>LED5 D7>>LED6 D8>>LED7 D9>>LED8 D10>>LED9 D11>>LED10 Watch  Video of This Project Here   Arduino Code /*Simple code generate knight rider effect using 10 white LEDs,

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Temperature Controlled Fan ON-OFF Switch Using Arduino Nano 16X2 LCD and LM35 Sensor

  Compact Temperature controlled fan on/off switch is based on Arduino Nano multipurpose TWOVOLT shield, the circuit consist LM35 temperature sensor, 16X2 LCD, 12V relay including driver transistor, circuit works with 12V supply and can controlled any fan from 12V to 230V AC, for testing purpose I have connected 12V DC fan. At normally open switch of relay. The shield

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