Over Current Alarm Using Buzzer-15LEDs Bar-Graph Arduino Compatible

Here is my new project which is Arduino compatible. It is 15 LED’s barograph over current alarm, 01 to 15 LEDs display current range 350mA to 1Amp, when current cross 1Amp it is alarming the buzzer, means limit has been crossed. Its good device to measure the current using bar-graph and also provide alarm when over current condition occurs. This project is Arduino compatible and code written using Arduino IDE, connector CN1 provided for Boot-Load burning and   Arduino programming. CN2 helps to connect the load and load supply to measure the current. Operating voltage of this circuit is 5V DC and current consumption 200mA when all LED’s are ON. Board also can be used to create many applications like, Bar-graph voltmeter, sensor value display on bar-graph, chaser light effects, battery voltage or capacity monitor. INA198 is helps to convert the current in to voltage to measure the current across shunt resistor. Output of the IC connected to Analog pin A2 of Arduino. 


  1. Operating  Supply 5V DC
  2. Current 200mA when all LED’s are ON
  3. Current Monitor Range 350mA to 1Amp
  4. Over Current Alarm Activate when Current cross 1Amp limit
  5. 15 LED Bar-graph Monitor
  6. 10MM Buzzer For Over Current Alarm