Dark Sensitive Switch Circuit Based on Single Transistor


Dark Sensitive switch project based on single BC547 transistor, Relay operates when light that falls on the LDR, goes below a set point. It’s very simple and low cost dark sensitive switch required few components.


  • Input : 12 VDC @ 55 mA
  •  Relay output : NC – C – NO
  •  Onboard preset to set the level
  •  Power-On LED indicator
  •  Relay On LED indicator
  •  Screw terminal connector for easy relay output connection
  •  Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  •  PCB dimensions 44 mm x 40 mm


dark-sensitive-switch-based-on-one-transistor-45 dark-sensitive-switch-based-on-one-transistor-2



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