500W Lamp Flasher Using attiny85 – arduino compatible

The project is a example of using 8 Pin ATTINY85 Micro-controller as Arduino, its very compact board consist Relay, TSOP1838 Infra-Red Receiver  and 3 Pin male header with analog input to connect sensors.

Here is my test of up to 500W Lamp Flasher using AT-TINY85 board, The circuit drives 230V AC 100W lamp ( Can drive lamp upto 500W), Blinking frequency 1Hz , Frequency of blink can be changed using delay value in Arduino code provided bellow, This project is useful to shrink Arduino project into small board required. 

This board is useful to make many Arduino related small project required following things. 

  • One Relay
  • Infrared Receiver
  • Analog Pin  for Sensor Interface


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