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Potentiometer Multi Turn Burns Potentiometer 5K   Rs. 100=00 ACP Preset  Rs. 9.50 PCB Mounted 16MM 5K 18=00 PCB Mounted 16MM 10K 12=00 10K Helipot Multi turn POT 100=00 100k Helipot Mutltiturn POT 100=00 10K TRIMPOT VERTICAL    6.00 Capacitor 2200/35V                                            8.40 47UF/25V                                            0.55 2.2UF/63V                                           0.55 470UF/25V                                          2.00 220UF/25V                                          1.20 DISC 0.22Uf                                        0.85 DISC 0.1uf                                           0.35 DISC Ceramic                                      0.35 2.2uF/16V SMD

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H-BRIDGE 10Amps 36V DC IR2104-IR2101

H-Bridge has been designed around IR2104 IC from international Rectifier, The board has been made mainly for DC-Motor application, The driver can handle load up to 8-10Amps,I have tested this board with 36V DC supply . The circuit uses N Channel IR540 MOSFETS from international rectifier. IR540 required large heat sink for 10Amps load.  Board has shunt resistor to provide

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