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Potentiometer Multi Turn Burns Potentiometer 5K   Rs. 100=00 ACP Preset  Rs. 9.50 PCB Mounted 16MM 5K 18=00 PCB Mounted 16MM 10K 12=00 10K Helipot Multi turn POT 100=00 100k Helipot Mutltiturn POT 100=00 10K TRIMPOT VERTICAL    6.00 Capacitor 2200/35V                                            8.40 47UF/25V                                            0.55 2.2UF/63V                                           0.55 470UF/25V                                          2.00 220UF/25V                                          1.20 DISC 0.22Uf                                        0.85 DISC 0.1uf                                           0.35 DISC Ceramic                                      0.35 2.2uF/16V SMD

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H-BRIDGE 10Amps 36V DC IR2104-IR2101

H-Bridge has been designed around IR2104 IC from international Rectifier, The board has been made mainly for DC-Motor application, The driver can handle load up to 8-10Amps,I have tested this board with 36V DC supply . The circuit uses N Channel IR540 MOSFETS from international rectifier. IR540 required large heat sink for 10Amps load.  Board has shunt resistor to provide

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1.2V-35V 3Amps Adjustable DC-DC Converter Power Supply Using LM2576

1.2V to 35V Adjustable DC-DC Converter project has been design around TI’s  LM2576-ADJ IC. Inputs supply 40 VDC.  LM2576-ADJ is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides all the active functions for step down switching regulator, capable of driving 3A load with excellent line and load regulation.this board has minimum number of components. Features  Output 1.2 to 35 VDC @ 3

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