DC Motor Speed Controller with 2 digit display ( Duty Cycle Display)

The versatile DC motor speed controller project is based on PIC16F1825 microcontroller, its generate PWM pulse and also display the value on 2 digit 7 segment display, duty cycle adjustable 0 to 99 %, Frequency 1Khz, the speed of motor possible with help of two tactile switches.  The board only generate and display the PWM, project required Mosfet on output to drive the motor. Check the circuit diagram for the Mosfet circuit.

Note: Output MOSFET can be used as per current and voltage requirements, it is advisable to use isolated DC solid state relay at the output.

Download Hex Code For This Project

Download Data Sheet Of PIC16F1825

Download PDF Schematic


  • Supply 5V DC
  • Motor supply 12V to 30V DC
  • Frequency 1Khz
  • Duty Cycle 0 to 99%
  • Mosfet is outside of the board

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