Here is my newly developed Load Cell amplifier circuit. Circuit provides very accurate reading. I have tested this circuit with 5Kg Load Sensor. Output is almost 0 to 5V / 0 to 5Kg. Circuit is based on INA326 Instrumentational Amplifier. Gain is set 500, circuit works with 5V DC input.

The INA326 is  high-performance, low-cost, precision instrumentation amplifiers with rail-to-rail input and output. They are true single-supply instrumentation amplifiers with very low DC errors and input common-mode ranges that extends beyond the positive and negative rails. These features make them suitable for applications ranging from general-purpose to high-accuracy.

Connector CN1

  • Power Supply Pin 8 VCC (5V DC) and Pin 9 GND
  • Pin 2 and Pin 2 Sensor
  • Pin 5 and Pin 7 Sensor Analog Output
  1. Download Data Sheet INA326
  2. Video of this Project

Load Cell Sensor Connections

  • Green Wire >>> VI+ CN1 Pin 7
  • White Wire >>> VI- CN1 Pin 8
  • Red Wire 5V DC
  • Black Wire GND

Note : Sensor 2 Wire required 5V DC Separately.