3 Phase EMC/EMI Filter Circuit 480V/16Amps (Common Mode Choke)

I am working on new project which is high voltage and high current 3 phase inverter module using IGBT.  project presented here first stage of my circuit which  is a 3 phase  EMC/EMI line filter with delta configuration, please refer the circuit bellow, this  three Phase EMI Filters  rated for any voltage up to the 480V AC and maximum current up to 16 Amps, my requirement is approx. 6KW of power and hopefully this filter will full-fil my requirement. I am also working on AC to DC converter circuit, which will arrive soon on my website www.twovolt.com

A 3-Phase filter reduces unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise within the conducted area of electromagnetic susceptibility. This filter is usually used for applications such as frequency converters, motor drives, and machine tools.  I have used  100uH Common mode choke, 1uF/480V capacitors and 4.7KPF 1Kv capacitors, fuse provided on all three phase, fuse rating can be selected as per load current. easy inputs and load connections using screw terminal along with earth. 


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